Hello and welcome to Taylor Made Designs

Since 1993 we have Made with Care uniforms & accessories for amazing businesses and brands.

We believe that controlling as many of the processes in-house as possible allows us to offer the very best products and services, and drives us forwards in our commitment of being Caringly Responsible. Our approach is simple. We spend time getting to know our customers by listening, discussing, and learning.

Combining what we learn from those conversations with considerations for design, sustainability, brand image and value for money ensures we deliver the very best possible outcome every time. We hope our website inspires you to talk to us, because we would love to talk to you.



To make with care the very best quality branded uniform and accessories, always offering the most sustainable options, always acting as brand guardians of our customers image, and always adding value.


To shape the future of sustainable uniform by learning from the past and embracing innovation.


Be honest. At all times.
Care.  About what we do, and who we work with, and for.
Be accountable. We are up-front, genuine, and strive to be, and do, the very best we can.
Innovate. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate for the greater good.
Put family first.  At home, at work, always.


Sustainability & Ethics

What makes an item of clothing sustainable & ethical?

At TMD we don’t pretend we have all the answers, but our commitment is to always offer options.

Constant development and the search for innovation in all areas of our business is at the heart of what we do.

We partner with producers who are independently certified and accredited to manufacture products to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards such as GOTS, Ecolabel and Fairtrade.  As we continue to learn we promise to share that education with you.

What’s right for one customer won’t necessarily be right for the next. We will work with you to offer the most sustainable and ethical choices to suit your needs.

Our ‘End of Use’ garment recycling programme is an example of a new initiative we are very excited about, and particularly proud to offer our customers.

Together, we can be Caringly Responsible.

Accreditations & Supply Chain Standards

Taylor Made Designs are ISO 9001 Certified.

By combining the knowledge we have learnt from independent professional experts with the experiences of our journey, we have developed a robust, tried and tested set of in-house systems and standards, which are continually reviewed for improvement. We collaborate closely with our partner producers to ensure their working conditions and standards are class-leading and appropriate.


Our Team

Our Managing Directors, James & Ed Taylor, are very proud of the incredible team of loyal, talented and committed people that make Taylor Made Designs what it is.

Based at our HQ in Christchurch, Dorset, we always try our very best to deliver on all levels for our customers. Togetherness is our way . We support each other during challenges, celebrate together when times are good, and look out for each other every day.

After all, teamwork makes the dream work.