Creating a Powerful Co-Branding Message

Co-branding is a great way of aligning your brand with another to increase awareness of who you are and what you stand for in the marketplace.  

Personalising a top quality garment from a leading clothing brand will strengthen your brand and make it more recognisable, creating more interest in the products and services you offer.

Why is brand identity so important?

Put simply, design, symbols and colours all work together to create a recognisable image. An image customers get used to seeing until it becomes instantly recognisable.

Once customers get used to seeing a logo, they begin to automatically associate it with the values and vision of that brand. And over time, the image will become a logo customers will trust which will, in turn, lead to company loyalty.

The value of co-branding 

Having your brand sit alongside some of the most respected, instantly recognisable brands in the world has some of the same benefits as a strategic partnership.

“Brands are judged by the partners they keep.  Innovative partnerships can make brands seem hipper, more modern, more distinctive, more interesting, and more noteworthy.”

Columbia is Manchester United’s first Official Outdoor Apparel Partner. A great example of the power of co-branding, this achieved the effect of aligning two of the most instantly recognised and highly regarded brands in the world.

“We share with Manchester United Football Club a commitment to performance and innovation. In that spirit, we are proud to present our Manchester United clothing collection – a special Club branded outerwear line featuring our most advanced fabrics and technologies to keep fans protected in any condition.”

The co-branded Columbia kit is also used by the guys over at National Parks UK and is another great example of two well-known premium brands teaming up to let everyone know they share the same vision and values: passionate about the outdoors, delivering the highest quality product, service and experience. Enjoying the outdoors together is central to the success of both organisations.


The purpose of brand strategies

If you look at the purpose of most brand strategies, it’s clear how effective corporate clothing is, in building an identity.

Corporate clothing not only makes you and your brand recognisable to the customer, but also has a positive impact on your workforce.  Providing staff with personalised workwear, especially high quality garments from premium brands, will lift morale, pride and determination amongst your staff.

While the initial investment in clothing and bags from premium brands for promotional purposes might be higher than that of low-end, unbranded or non-retail items, it’s a value-for-money option.  Staff are more likely to use these products, both in work and out, which means greater exposure of your logo.

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