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Encourage teams and members to stay hydrated with Taylor Made Design’s Customisable Water Bottles

As temperatures break records this summer it is important to promote healthy hydration habits amongst your team and your members. To help you do this, Taylor Made Designs (TMD) supplies a range of customisable water bottles, including an uber cool, insulated stainless steel bottle that keeps water cool for hours, providing a refreshing drink long after refilling.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Taylor Made Designs, says: “The custom branded water bottle has been a stable merchandise product in gyms for many years, both as a retail item and as a member reward. Over the last few years, we have seen the popularity of the plastic bottle be superseded by classy ‘Chilly’ style bottles, which have now become a trendy, must have fashion item with wide appeal. Members and staff not only want a bottle they can use in the gym, they want a bottle they can be proud to take on their commute, whilst out walking or simply conducting their day to day business.

This is why TMD sourced its insulated water bottle. The product can be custom-branded and is available in a wide range of colours. It is a desirable accessory everyone will be keen to carry and use anywhere, extending brand presence way beyond the walls of the gym.

Dave Hopkins, Founder at Proinsight, recently purchased these bottles for his team. Dave says: “Encouraging our team to keep hydrated is hugely important, especially in hot weather.

“Not drinking enough water can cause headaches, lethargy and dizziness which is obviously not conducive to productivity. Providing our team with these cool, stainless steel, water bottles, not only means they are more likely to carry and use them to rehydrate because, it also increases the visibility of our brand. Supplying a reusable bottle, that is environmentally produced, also negates the need for disposable cups, helping to keep wastage to a minimum. We like the bottle so much, we bought enough to also share them with our clients!”

To view the range of water bottles available from Taylor Made Designs, including the stainless steel bottle, visit: or contact the team on +44 (0) 1202 473311 or email: [email protected]


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