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Taylor Made Designs shares positive news on the Environmental Impact of its Textiles Recycling Programme

In the period between January 1, 2022 and September 30, 2022, 1753Kg of end of use textile materials recalled from clients were collected from the TMD offices, sorted, securely shredded down and recycled.


When textiles ae disposed of via landfill or incineration a side effect is the release of harmful carbon dioxide gasses into the environment. By disposing of garments responsibly using this deconstruction and recycling process, a total of 2980Kg of CO2 has been saved from entering our atmosphere.


In addition, an estimated 1,787,030 litres of water have been saved due to a combination of avoiding landfill and the impact saved from the recycling and re-purposing versus manufacturing from new.


Once our garments have been shredded, 100 per cent avoids landfill. On average, depending on the composition of the textiles received, 70 per cent is repurposed into new yarns, insulation and composites, with the other 30% being turned into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).


Ed Taylor, Managing Director, TMD, says: “Every second a lorry load of textile waste enters landfill. As an environmentally aware company we are doing our bit to reduce this and it is encouraging to see the positive impact our end of use textiles recycling process is already having on the world around us.”


In addition to its own textile recycling process, TMD also tries to align itself with other suppliers and service providers that share the same ethics and ethos towards environmental awareness. For example, Ed adds: “Our UK courier DPD is working hard to offset its cardon footprint and has an aim to reduce energy consumption per parcel by 30% by 2025. Some of their initiatives include:

  • Planting trees in UK woodland. In Wareham forest, an area the size of 40 football pitches was destroyed by fire. DPD is working with The Forestry Commission to replant 79,000 trees.
  • Funding a WWF project to plant a 1600m² seagrass meadow in the Solent, this seagrass will absorb carbon 35 times faster than a tropical rainforest.
  • Created an App called Relove to encourage preloved clothes to be left outside on DPD delivery days. DPD  then collects these and donates them to charity.
  • Undelivered food parcels from Hello Fresh, Gousto and Mindful Chef are donated to FareShare, a charity distribute food to those who need it
  • Installing energy efficient LED lighting in all depots


Ed adds: “It’s extremely important that every individual and every company plays its part in reducing carbon emissions. TMD actively seeks to work with partners and suppliers who behave responsibly when it comes to looking after the environment. We only have one planet. We all need to work together to protect it.”


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