The Challenge

GLL came to us in the early 90s. They were a relatively small company with one site, The Waterfront in Greenwich. Our contact was the site manager who was juggling a lot of balls and really needed someone to just take the uniform sourcing out of his very full hands. He just did not have the time to call countless suppliers, most of whom could not provide everything he wanted.

Our Solution

As one of the leading uniform suppliers to the leisure industry, we could not only source uniform and merchandise for GLL, we could also set them up with our Uniform Management Service. We source and supply without them having to call around hundreds of suppliers and their uniform comes from one place which makes life a lot easier. GLL also have a webstore with us which means they just log into their dedicated store and all the items that staff will need are listed and can be ordered via our site. This keeps their branding consistent; they know when it’s going to be delivered and we can also provide monthly reporting so they know exactly how much they have spent on uniform which saves even more administration time.

The Outcome

GLL – now operating under the brand Better, have grown since the beginning of our fantastic relationship. They now have over 250 sport and leisure facilities and we are proud to still be sourcing and supplying their uniform and merchandise.